The Brown Hyena Research Project’s Environmental Information Centre is situated at Kolmanskop Ghost Town near Lüderitz. It is open to the public and we also invite students and teachers to visit the Centre to learn about the sensitive and unique southern Namibian environment.


Environmental Impact Assessments

The Sperrgebiet lies at the northern end of the Succulent Karoo Biome and has been identified as a global hotspot of biodiversity. The Brown Hyena Research Project collaborates with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the coastal area’s concession holder’s (Namdeb) Environmental Section and participates and advises in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the region. The Project carries out scientific research to give recommendations for development sites and to provide information indicating sustainable land utilization, while encouraging environmental preservation. Furthermore mining personnel is trained and educated in environmental awareness.



Carnivores show ecological stress before other species are affected due to their large home ranges, low reproductive rate and enormous sized areas, which are required to sustain populations. The most important threats in our study areas are:

Direct mortality

Illegal snaring


Habitat fragmentation